Give in to Love or Live in Fear

My name is Faye, and this is my blog. I'm 18 and I live in England. This blog will mostly be about health and fitness and HAES, but there'll occasionally be other stuff. May occasionally be NSFW, so beware.


My name is Faye and this is my new blog. Huzzah. I do also have a personal blog, but only a handful of people follow it and most of them are people I know in real life, and they’re mostly fandom blogs. So I worried that if I posted too much non-fandom stuff they’d get annoyed by it, and I wanted a place where I would know IRL-people weren’t judging me.

SO I made this blog! It’s partly going to be about health and fitness, from a HAES point of view - I’m gonna be starting the Couch to 5k challenge soon and wanted a place to document it. But there’ll also be stuff to do with feminism and body-positivity and fat acceptance so if you don’t like any of those things it’ll probably best not to follow me.

I might post other things here too, like random personal posts, and anything I find interesting/amusing.

So if that sounds like the kind of thing that interests you, feel free to follow me and let’s be friends! I will probably follow back until I get too lazy. :P

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